Elinore’s Top Tips To Prepare Your Property For Profit

By Elinore Rositano

Your home is one of your biggest assets and when it comes time to sell, you want to do everything in your power to achieve the greatest profit possible.

But, just as you wouldn’t sell your car without an intensive buff and detail, you won’t attain the maximum profit without preparing your property to look its best!
The amount of preparation time spent getting your house sale ready can greatly improve, or impede, your final selling price.

In the age of house flippers and renovation reality shows, a lot of buyers are looking for a blank canvas. In saying that, a home that requires little work and can be moved into straight away is still an attractive prospect for many modern home buyers.

Elinore share’s her top tips for auction day profit so you can ensure your home will sell well.

Create a To Do List
When striving to sell your home for the best possible price, it’s vital you think like a purchaser. No buyer wants to walk into a house where they can see abundant physical flaws, so stop overlooking you cracked walls and stained countertops and start making a to-do list. The fewer the imperfections visible on inspection day, the less the buyer needs to think about fixing and the more they are willing to pay.

Rules of Attraction
A pop of colour is a great way to bring life into your home, but make sure your jungle green wall isn’t endangering your chances at auction. Buyers need to see themselves and their personal style fitting in effortlessly within the space. Let’s face it – bright walls are hard to get past! Simply by neutralising your palate, buyers can easily picture themselves living in your house. This easy fix will make your home as liveable, and as marketable, as possible.

Eyes on the Prize
Remember, you are preparing for profit, so don’t go breaking the bank while making changes to your home. Spend your time and money on the first aspects the buyer will notice, such as the front yard and the façade of your house. You’ll be surprised how far a little weeding, a sweep of the driveway and a few repairs to your front fence can go when forming a connection with a potential buyer. The same goes for indoors – clean your windows, invest in some new curtains or cushions and you will already be on the road to success.
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